Guiding Services:

I offer route planning, permits, meal planning, shopping, food preparation, gear organization, basic medical care on the trip, expert guidance and custom activities for those who want more than backpacking (meditation, facilitation, ceremony, vision quest style solos and fasting with preparation and integration activities, games, etc). Whatever your interest is, I can help create the trip of your dreams.

My goal when guiding a backpacking trip is to create an experience in which my clients can experience challenge, fun, joy, community and freedom in a wilderness setting. I take care of the logistics so my clients can not only more deeply experience the places we travel to but can also receive the nourishment that the wilderness offers and leave feeling replenished and alive. My trips are a time for people to remember themselves, to remember what is most deeply important to them, and to touch their own innate connection with all of life.


For 4 years I directed and guided for Back to Earth Outdoors, guiding a total of over 40 backpacking trips with hundreds of clients all over the state of California. I also grew up backpacking and climbing every summer in the Sierra Nevada and organized countless trips for friends and family prior to working in this capacity professionally.

My Training:

Outdoor Educator, National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI)

Facilitator, Community at Work

Minister (non-religious), Center for Sacred Studies

Vision Quest Guide, Rites of Passage


Testimonials from Past Clients:

“This trip was a peak experience. To sum it up in one sentence, I feel like I found what it felt like to have zero stress for the first time in years. This trip was beyond-words good.”

“I really loved how thorough Dashielle was as an organizer and enjoyed her attentiveness to the group. Her awareness and attention to detail is refreshing.”

“Dashielle was a superstar in every way. Grace, kindness, patience and wisdom. She is doing exactly what she’s meant to do on this earth! It’s inspirational!”

“Dashielle is an inspiration. I look forward to joining her in other adventures.”

“I was blown away by Dashielle’s competence at leading a group of 18 people in the wilderness. She was very thoughtful during group sessions and had a lot of very valuable wisdom to pass along.”

“I think part of what helped me to relax so thoroughly was that it was so obvious that Dashielle was on point. I felt like I could relax, because I felt like we were being well taken care of. So. Wonderful. So much gratitude.”

“Dashielle was an incredible facilitator and mentor. She made sure we were all taken care of in the ways we needed to be, and beyond. I can’t thank her enough for such a marvelous time.”
“Really wonderful :). My kids and I had a great time. So amazing to see them so engaged and happy, to see Erin so independent… Such a wonderful, joyful experience! It was the perfect balance of having time with them in nature, and then having adult time, knowing that they were off having a great time. Really special for me to do something like this with them, and wonderful to connect with the other parents and feel the web of support that formed over the weekend.”

“On expectations exceeded: There was a day on the trip when I was absolutely overcome with feelings of loss and grief (unrelated to the trip itself). I can only hope that anyone who is going through something like that among relative strangers has the good fortune to be seen, held and comforted in the way Dashielle was able to for me.”

“Dashielle is a shining star unlike any other. She knows how to accomplish tasks all the while having fun and connecting with you. Her ability to think on the fly and adjust to the reality of a situation is evidence of a true leader. Words spoken by Dashielle are woven into a tapestry of present life that has always been there, yet we’re reminded of that once they’re read aloud. Commitment is a word that surfaces for me and this is what she embodies in all she does in the field. Holding sacred and safe space is written in her blood and apparent in her soul.”

“Dashielle – Beautiful intelligent powerful young earth mother. Really impressed with how well organized you were, the attention to details, the attention to individual’s needs, the patience with people’s preferences. You are a very strong force of nature and will do wonderful things with your life.”

“Dashielle is great. I was comfortable, cared for and I felt safe under her leadership.”

“Dashielle is an excellent leader and knows how to foster a sense of friendship and community within a group of strangers.”

“Dashielle exceeded all possible expectations. She’s one of my heroes. I don’t know of any unmet expectations – the trip was wonderful.”

“Thank you Dashielle – its great service you are offering the world”

“You just need to be known. You have such an amazing thing going and I am certain I will be joining you again. And recommending you to others.”

“Dashielle is a master at bring a group together and making it gel together in a beautiful fashion. I was truly impressed and learned much from just watching her. She was working really hard but did it with grace and a take charge manner.” Yosemite 2012

“Dashielle has a much more complex role on these trips since she is the all-providing goddess for all of us, and as such she is a pretty darn amazing goddess.”

“Dashielle – your depth of giving and caring was the balm my soul needed – words can not express what you mean to me and how you have nurtured me.”

“Thank you, thank you Dashielle- a true leader, in harmony with this turning world. Beloved friend and teacher, thank you.” 

“The moments to reflect, to think, to laugh, to tell stories…we just do not get that in our lives and how SPECIAL that was. I think about this trip everyday.”

“The campsite area was perfect! The food prepared was phenomenal and more than expected for a camping trip. When finished I felt more grounded, connected to myself, my peers, and more expansive. I felt refreshed and more space within me to handle the daily pressures and stresses of life.”

“Everything I wanted for myself during the trip was met with a warm hug and sun-kissed mountains. I felt I had time for everything: personal meditation and movement, connection to nature, social time, journaling time, hiking. It was all there.”

“I had a fantastic time. Trip exceeded my expectations. Want more.”

 “I really feel blessed to have discovered BTE and to have chosen this trip bc it all fell together so seamlessly and our group gelled in a really unexpected way. This trip filled my cup and left me with the sense that everything I am looking for is at my fingertips. I am still feeling really moved and touched by the perfect way that it met me and my needs right now.”

You’re all totally lovely and I’m still so happy to have met you and been a part of the trip. Your patience, mentoring, guidance, wisdom, and fun, friendly, amicable personalities made this feel like a new family and I really appreciate the synergy of yourselves and your efforts.”

 “I am totally filled/fulfilled by that trip.”

 “It was divine. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip; a wonderful combination of physical challenge, relaxation, peaks, valleys, hot springs, inspiring views, trees with magical bark, birds, critters, bears hiding just out of view (LOL). I just loved it.”

The trip was phenomenal, the only thing I wish was that I didn’t have to leave! I could have stayed much longer with these folks.”

 “The best guide a student could ask for. She supported me physically with food, water, shelter and more importantly mentally and emotionally. She was there for me to talk to and offered a safe place to dive deep.”

 “My expectations were blown out of the water, by far exceeded! The food was phenomenal!!!”

 “You guys rock!!! I can’t wait to come back out and adventure with you again.”

 “The experience was beyond my wildest expectations, previous retreats were one dimensional (yoga, meditation) which is fine but this included a combination of all of the things that I love to do, in good measure. The best part we the staff and for me the sense of being cared for (particularly Dashielle & Alok). This was particulalry important to me, because I had been giving over several months and sorely needed some getting to replenish my soul.”

The experience of Back to Earth was pivotal in allowing me to slow down and listen. If anything, our trip in Big Sur recommitted my vow to ‘make time for the trees, the river and the sun.'”

The whole trip definitely exceeded my expectations. I felt it would be a good experience, but I really couldn’t have imagined what a magical, restorative, and transformational weekend it would be. The only thing I would say is, I want more!!!”

What a wonderful trip- it was fun and creative and became a genuine and safe place for deep meditation and personal work. I was not expecting this trip to be so emotional for myself and so many others, but am grateful that you all facilitated an atmosphere where we could really open up to what was going on with ourselves and our paths.” 

“The trip offered an amazing opportunity to explore, relax, and reconnect with nature.”

“I think the leadership was logistically carried out in top notch fashion and it was clear the team were well trained and professional. I feel big gratitude for these things and would definitely recommend BTE to people I know.”

“I had no idea what it took to put such a trip together. I have a newfound respect for all that Dashielle did for us. It was so smooth!”

“Great yummy fresh food and treats! The magic of Yosemite waters and rocks , wow! Receiving massage under the trees! Sipping coffee and eating s’mores like a child again.” 

“I loved the yoga instruction; it was totally joyful and delightful, and learned a lot about LNT and backpacking from Dashielle. Overall fantastic.”

“Perfect balance of moving/hiking and relaxing/playing. I never felt over worked but always perfectly challenged.”

The trip was above my expectations.”

“The area/path/campsites exceeded my expectations. Epic beauty all around!! The group dynamic also exceeded expectations.”

Wasn’t sure what to expect, but the FOOD exceeded my wildest dreams.”

 “I liked that there was a lot of flexibility with time and activities. No real strict schedule and no pressure. The trip was a good balance of challenging and relaxing for me.”

“The activities were thoughtfully assembled and presented. It is quite clear that much preparation was put into creating a schedule that touched right down to the core on multiple aspects of what we need as humans to reconnect with ourselves and those around us.”

I had been to yoga and meditation retreats which frankly four yoga classes or eight hours of meditation a day is too much. I think that your approach offers a blend that can be integrated to provide a much more fulfilling experience than any single discipline can provide.”


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