Bring the rain

Early early this morning waking warm in bed to the sound of rain falling… not sprinkles, or heavy mist, but rain, for hours… I don’t know if I’ve ever been so happy to hear the sound of rain. I’ve heard that a way to pray is to feel something instead of just to speak it, … More Bring the rain

Burning man 2012

Burning Man was for me like a hundred tiny joined dreams: dreams of color, dreams of explosions and flame, dreams of sound and light, dreams of darkness, dreams of humbling heat. Cycles of hours where time seemed to slow and stop, to breath prayers of quiet grace and celebration in honor of life shared. Dreamlike sunrises and … More Burning man 2012

Into the heart of Fall

I’m driving under grey October skies in West Marin- looking across the vast expanse of grey sky, the grey-green rippling water of the Nicasio reservoir, the wind-shaped banks of cypress, the rocky outcroppings scattered in the grasses… It’s October and I’ve not spent more than a week in one place since May. Time feels nonsensical, as … More Into the heart of Fall

There was a moment last week, on the fourth of July driving back from Yosemite, when I read a friend’s story of progress towards peace… His narrative of grief, and its transformation of his life… The fireworks were going off everywhere- not in a big powerful way, here and there, small, low, like punctuation marks … More

Oh Jesus Christ

(set to the song Ulysses by Mason Jennings) I’m fascinated by the Histories of Intimacy… the woven specific quality of how people begin to know each other- first impressions- the shadows left by a dream- the flow and pulse of desire- the words we choose- the words we omit- the staccato or flowing sequence of larger … More Oh Jesus Christ

Warm and basic

It’s good to be quiet, and to wait. Sometimes… too often I think… I find I’m filling a space with words, thoughts, lessons- my inexorable quest to learn, to be my best, and to give my best to the world. But… it’s not always the way. Tonight I’m listening to the rain and loud rumbles … More Warm and basic