Ceremony arose independently in every human culture on earth. At its heart ceremony is about confirming what is most important with those who matter.

Marriages, rites of passage, births, and deaths are among the important life events that our ancestors knew it was important to mark communally. However you are inspired to do so, I am here to support you. I specialize in ceremonies that transcend  tradition and that are living expressions of who and what we are today. As a Minister my role is to help people create ceremonies that authentically reflect who they are, what they believe and what they are choosing to mark.



I work with any and all couples seeking to unite their lives through ceremony, regardless of gender, sexual preference, or belief system.

For the cynic and the romantic alike a wedding ceremony can be honest and authentic if we create it with our own unique truth at the center. My approach is to interview the couple for a couple of hours about their vision, plans, preferences, history, and what marriage means to them. From that initial interview I draft a step by step ceremony outline. That outline incorporates both my thoughts (if my thoughts are wanted) and the songs, readings, glass breakings, blessings, vows, etc, that the couple desires. We work on this together until it’s just right.

I have never felt right having a set fee for such a sacred and momentous event in people’s lives. I believe everyone has a right to a ceremony that both meets their needs and touches their hearts, as well as honors their beliefs.

As such I request a $100–500 donation for my time in interviewing the couple and preparing the ceremony (a 2–3 hour interview and 2–3 hours of my time writing the ceremony and going through edits with the couple).

The ceremony itself is completely by donation.

Email me with questions info@illumin.co.


I also offer counseling and premarital counseling. This is an extension of my coaching work, but focused more specifically on the dynamics of two individuals in a committed relationship. Themes of commitment, communication, fear, sex, finances, jealousy, etc, often arise as couples approach the threshold of marriage. If you choose we can use this time as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with new understandings, skills and capacities. My goal is that the process of preparation for marriage helps the couple to deepen in their love, intimacy and trust.

I also work with couples intending to marry who who would like to work on their relationship and/or have a safe space to discuss concerns and questions regarding both relationship and marriage. The goal of premarital counseling is to help people arrive at their wedding day clear and ready to enjoy the special day and the celebration.

Sessions are 1–2 hours in length on a sliding scale of $85–300 an hour.

I have also created partial, half, and full day retreats for couples seeking to do a deep dive. To find out more about creating a custom experience for you and you partner email info@illumin.co.


Rites of Passage

Marking the changes in our lives in a meaningful and visible way is an important part of fully transitioning from one stage or chapter to the next. Unfortunately in this culture we no longer have meaningful communally witnessed rites of passage.  I offer Vision Quests, Wilderness Marking Ceremonies, and other ceremonies for both youth and adults.

The Vision Quest format I’ve trained in, practiced and offered is a 9-day journey of preparation, severance, threshold, and incorporation taking place primarily in the wilderness. This format is appropriate and profound for both youth and adults, though shorter format versions can be created.

Email me with questions info@illumin.co.


As a Minister I have also created many ceremonies that do not fit within a traditional religious tradition and yet all the same mark some important event in human life. I’ve helped clients create ceremonies for 4 year-old girls who are becoming big sisters as well as fertility ceremonies, I’ve worked with clients who have relatives passing away or who have already passed, and I’ve helped create opening and closing ceremonies for countless retreats and gatherings. If you’re looking for support in creating some structure or ceremony around something important in your life I would be honored to help you create that experience.

Email me with questions, info@illumin.co.


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