If you want to really live…

If you want to really live:

1. Take radical responsibility for your life. For what you think, say, do, feel, believe, etc.

2. Congratulate yourself every time you fail. If you noticed that you did something you didn’t like, first you have to celebrate that you noticed it. If you judge what you see you will create a disincentive for cultivating self-awareness. Lot’s of people talk about how necessary failing is for succeeding but ultimately if you don’t learn how to have a positive and loving response to your own thoughts then¬†everything in your life will become about avoiding failure and the potential for self-judgment.

3. Throw away praise and blame. Completely divest yourself of concern for what anyone else thinks about how you conduct your life. Forget what other people think about how you’re living and….

4. Figure out how you want to live. By trial and error. By trying out what you think will be amazing, successful, beautiful, joyful, funny, fun, stupid, special, etc.

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