A favorite article of mine…


I originally read this article when I was in graduate school, it was assigned. I loved it then and have rediscovered it; I love it still. I have many favorite parts, but this excerpt I chose because I feel so deeply resonant with these words that they could well describe what I feel is my own purpose here in this life:

“To this place, listening carries us. Whatever we conceive our work to be, in the end we know that we are only, infinitely, serving the place of prayer. I used to believe my work was about organizations and life inside them. Then a bit later I thought I was charged with changing the dominant worldview of Western thought. Notice how my scope increased as my ego gained a surer footing. Then one day, in a sunny patch of jungle in the Yucatan, I leaned against a small but perfect Mayan ruin while my two sons swam in a shadowy cave pool. Faced with jungle growth and sun, and the cold stones of yet another attempt at civilization, I knew that my work was, as is everyone’s, about reclaiming Life. All of us are struggling together toward a time when the human spirit can find more room for itself in the societies we create. We are all participating in enlarging the spaces in which we together dwell, so that they might hold more of the greatness of each of us.” Margaret Wheatley, from Consumed by Either Fire or Fire

If you can, read it slowly, and over again; it is dense with wisdom and meaning.


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