“We need to go to Spain…”

“We need to go to Spain, this cheese is so good…” something ridiculous and sweet about knowing we may never go to Spain together but that there’s still something important about saying it… in our infinite dreamlike future we take trips to beautiful places together unhindered by time, space, money, work, physical ability, or concern for the environmental impacts of hopping on a helicopter to have tea on the top of Mount McKinley. Today we share moments of ordinariness surrounded by all time and all possibility… and it’s absolutely beautiful here too…


2 thoughts on ““We need to go to Spain…”

  1. We still need to go to Spain…and to Italy and Slovakia and Ireland for the beer and Scotland for the Scotch… And most of all to make a great escape, just we two, to escape the here and now so we can be in the present. Just being in the world with no strings attached—or no immediate strings attached anyway. To have a giddy ungrounded freedom. But what would I change to make all that happen? Not a thing… ‘Cause life is still a bowl of cherries.

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