Ready for it

I recommend you cross the frozen fields of Idaho and hills Northern Nevada on some golden January afternoon. Listen to something vast and expansive. I recommend you wake before dawn and cross the Sierras at first light. Get a good cup of coffee, drive fast, roll down the windows and let the freezing winter air in. Hear some pounding drum in your ear, feel it in your body, empty out through the trees and head across the delta straight to the ocean, and stay ahead of the sun…

I open the windows to breath in cool air. I am jetting to a life I am thrilled about living, full of openness, exhilaration, opportunity, and I am so lucky…

It is summer in winter today, the birds are soaring through blue. I can almost feel their reveling elation, and it compels me to fly fast and high too, I feel the wind rippling over my ribcage and new feathers. I am launched, I am untethered, I am winged and exultant.

I know moving back in towards the metropolis will be hard, but it feels profoundly purposeful now… having seen glimmers of what outdoor education can be, even when it isn’t perfect, I know I can bring myself to my work so much more fully than I had imagined. Working in an office, and mostly by myself for now, won’t be a dream, but it feels real, tangible, my path, my opportunity, and like what I am ready for.

I could dance I feel so happy, here we go into this new year, a blank canvas, a new world, an open door, a fresh start, a budding dream, a path to wherever I will go, clapping my hands, singing with my voice, growing, learning, laughing, and offering of myself to those who would walk with me. Let’s go, let’s go let’s go!


2 thoughts on “Ready for it

  1. How delightfully contagious is a happy spirit! Today’s sun shone so brilliantly I walked blind admist the snow banks and icy patches, boldly facing the stark bitter cold while tiumphantly rejoicing within. For every day now in the new year new minutes linger longer and one can sense the approaching Spring. How subtle the exterior changes but within the motivational juices wake up from their winter hibernation and gives every movement and exclaimation of joy more power. Love your blog. Best of luck on your new adventure!

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