I saw

When you and I met I had no stillness

I was slipping between worlds, a mess and confusion, missed moments, obscurity, fog

With the thought of you now, though, seasons have become confused inside of me

I want to see bright desert wildflowers though I feel the chilled air of fall against my skin

Pink and orange fill my vision, the space behind my eyes,

blossoms open in my body with the gentle beckoning that reminds me of your hands and eyes, your words, your goodness

To walk with bare feet so I feel the soil, and then, near to you, slip quiet and curious into the waves that ebb and flow below the level of skin and bones

Nights of talking about the wind, and when the rain will come

Beyond romantic conceits of intoxicated hearts to what is some ineffable essence, some seed, some truth, some somethingness

Yours and mine

not ecstasy nor belief

but nothing to everything

I don’t



These words are small to the One

I saw a light in your eye across distance

and through that light I saw other lights

The luminous light of God’s beautiful stars shining out of many stranger children’s joyful and wild eyes


3 thoughts on “I saw

  1. Dashielle,
    Earlier today while listening to poety, written and recited by Allen Ginsberg in the 60’s, I became utterly lost in the word. Each one enveloped and embraced me along its journey off into the ether. This piece too was very moving, for it brought me to a place I felt as though I left off at.

    1. Thank you Brooke. I feel so blessed that I got to be with you the other night, it was really special for me. Looking forward to another evening soon 🙂

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