Dear Amy,

Dear Amy, Do you remember when we put on running clothes to go for a jog and you put on those seventies running shoes that hurt your feet and we both got all out of breath really fast so we just walked a few blocks and then went home? I liked it when we drove … More Dear Amy,

death compells me

After Amy died, I dug through all of my photographs, looked for every one that she was in. Some were beautiful, representative, classic. Others were mundane, she was in the background, making an awkward face, no one was looking at the camera. Still my first step was not to separate these out, they seemed, to … More death compells me

pieces of today

“God and I are like two fat people in a tiny boat, we keep bumping into each other and laughing” – Rumi “They have tried to prove our democracy an empty fraud, and our nation a consistent oppressor of underprivileged people. This may seem ludicrous to Americans, but it is sufficiently important to worry our … More pieces of today

life and death

Last night I learned of the tragic death of one of my closest friends. We hadn’t been in touch too much in the past couple years, but she was one of my first and dearest friends in life. I learned about it over facebook, which is a strange experience in and of itself. First I … More life and death