I found myself under the blossoms of a tree in the park in downtown SF, lying in the grass with pink flowers falling like rain when the wind pushed through, they floated lit and shining with sunlight until they reached the grass and lay like snowflakes.

Sometimes, often, there are too many days lined up with no choice in them, no opportunity to lay underneath a tree in the sun, seasons go by and I have asked, where did it go? When the blossoms came this spring they greeted me on the walk to and from work; the flowers and twigs on which they sit move in a way that defies something, they float up and down, around in circles, like the tree is dancing and waving. It reminds me of what trees can look like on hallucinogens,  swimming or sparkling. As soon as I saw them I became worried spring would go by and I wouldn’t have just sat underneath those trees like how they beckon you to. Isn’t that ridiculous? I worried about that. For a couple weeks I thought to myself, I must make time to go and lay in the sun and get covered in spring’s falling blossoms. So today I turned around after having already gone through the park. I walked back in the direction of the office and found a little idyllic hill in the sun right underneath this tree

Oh my god. Heaven. I can’t have been there more than 20 minutes but as I lay there I arrived in my body. After all the days of moving I caught up with myself and found myself home, aware of the transitory yet familiar texture of my life, this place, this spring moment of April 1st 2010, these flowers made only once to fall once and land in my hair and in the grass, that sky, those birds swooping, the people walking by, those people that on any other day would have been me, walking by, with my head in the future or in the past instead of witnessing this fleeting lightness…

While I lay there this song came on, Nature, by India Arie, such a beautiful, and perfect accompaniment.

Hey baby
Why you rushing
Let’s sit back and watch the flowers grow
Why you want
To swim against the tide
Let’s lay and watch the river flow

Here in god’s creation
There is always a reason
I know, that love is there for us

Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show
Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show

Like the sun shines and
The wind blows
Like the birds fly
And the moon glows
If I am meant for you and
You are meant for me
Then we will flow together

Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show
Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know

Maybe we should just let nature run the show
Baby we should sit, watch the flowers grow
Baby we should sit, back and watch the moon glow
Baby, we should feel the wind blow

First you plant a seed
And then it grows and
Then it blooms
And it dies
That the cycle of life
Same goes for you and I
Maybe this time we’ll get it right

Go with the flow
Maybe we’ll get it right..

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