darkness like the seasons

I went through a period of darkness like the seasons.

I didn’t realize that I had until today when through the rain I felt like God descended on my shoulders and lightened me in the sweetest way. I again felt the opening energy of spring on the way, the imminence of sunshine and new growth. What a small battle the winter has been, beautiful, but a little tormented! I sense the final sighs of winter on the way.


2 thoughts on “darkness like the seasons

  1. I’ve been meditating a lot lately on this topic of seasons and its effect on one’s pyshe. Having grown up in a region with 4 seasons, I’ve grown accustomed to thus going through a complementary series of seasons psychologically. At first I couldn’t really acknowledge the perrenial nature of my cravings and emotions and all that, but with every passing year the seasons’ impact on my pysche becomes ever more apparent. And I’ve learned to embrace this. I know every fall my mind and body will settle into period of dormancy, a time for reflection and introspection..almost a hibernation…a deeper intimacy with one’s mortality.
    I have yet to feel that powerful active energy of spring’s first days; I’m still deep in the passing cold, craving hearty soup by warm chimney mentality…but I know the more animated and active energies of spring’s renewing rays are not far away, and thus warm numbing nostalgia of winter’s forces are drawing to a close.

    Know what I’m sayin’?

    1. “a deeper intimacy with one’s mortality”
      That is beautiful. And true :), when we slow down enough and have the patience to really explore what mortality means to us. I think our mortality can be a powerful force for life if we explore the fear around it. I thought about the word hibernation but it wasn’t quite accurate for me, for better or worse I never quite get to hibernate. The closest I’ve had is fasting for the last week and the requisite shutting down that comes with that. Still going to work, still trying to do “too much.”

      I seem to be more aware of the impact of the seasons around the transitions. I have to remind myself and choose to offer compassion to myself when my energy levels are really reflecting whatever pure seasonal energy is going on.

      My experience is different from yours in that growing up in San Diego the seasons are barely distinguishable from each other. Moving up here made them more visible but I was unaware of how much they affected me until a couple years ago. What a difference… I love feeling in touch with the seasons, so much a part of participating in planetary life!

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