moral dilemma

Some one I work with came to my “office” today and asked if I would be interested in picking up some extra hours in a month or so because the woman who I occasionally work next to would not be coming back. It seemed like a good idea; my grandmother has recently told me that she is unable to contiue supporting me through school and I need to supplement my income somehow. This would probably do that. Five minutes after this conversation my office mate comes back from the kitchen and tells me they aren’t renewing her position so she’s going to have to look for another job…Can I take her work when she needs it? Do I have a choice? If I were to turn it down somebody else would take it, they had decided not to renew her before they came to offer it to me…But is this just rationalization? I’m not sure if there is a right, or more right decision in this situation….

It’s not uncommon for this to happen with contract work. In fact, I was in the same position when I worked for the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative. When my contract came up they decided they wanted someone who worked on campus and they didn’t renew my contract. Granted I was fine with the position ending, but in my mind it didn’t have anything to do with the next person coming into the position, it was between me and my employer. I would have had no bitterness towards that next person. But that is me, am I an anomaly? Is this just more rationalization?

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