Subscriptions! Yay.

Hi all my friends and lovelies! I just figured out how to add a subscription button to my blog so that you can receive an email when I post new writing. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile but my tech retardation prevented me from fully investigating until now, sorry. This seems really perfect considering how infrequent my posts have been due to school and life. Darn school and life, always getting in the way of my writing. A new piece on Jealousy soon, and what we can tell about the national psyche based on titles seen in my recent visit to the bookstore, yikes! Once again, thank everyone who has sent me emails to share appreciation, it is truly heartening and I am deeply grateful. I hope you are all enjoying the last days of the year, time spent with family and friends, and some amount of peace that comes in anticipation of new beginnings! Love, love, love, Dashielle

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