New moon

My grandmother says;
“We haven’t had our fill of you!”
How could you?
I only just now arrived
anew, empty, myself
molted of the last skin
swimming hands reach through the air thick with grit, morning light, beauty and life again
I am freshly written from the stars in my body, and the moon in my mind, the sun in my belly-heart.

A slow and sensuous delight dawns one moment
surprises me like a wet dog nose, on your thigh, when you’re not expecting it
the texture of my bedding, the temperature of my tea,
the air fresh, the warmth of a lamp and the enunciation of a name
the murmurs of muffled voices through the walls
a dry rustle, a sudden gust
My teeth scrape my bottom lip, my eyes soften, close
In my mind I touch life softly with my nose, whisper thank you

These are days I like to hide myself,
behind the earth, catch no light, mimic new moon,
plant seeds of thoughts,
eat blessings thrice daily…


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