I was reading the bios of some incredible women the other day, women not too much older than I, perhaps 5-15 years. One in particular caught my eye, she was beautiful, open-hearted looking, and her resume read like my aspirations. She speaks 5 languages, she’s worked all over the world in areas that I am … More Jealousy

Subscriptions! Yay.

Hi all my friends and lovelies! I just figured out how to add a subscription button to my blog so that you can receive an email when I post new writing. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile but my tech retardation prevented me from fully investigating until now, sorry. This seems really perfect considering … More Subscriptions! Yay.

Reflecting on winter solstice, a prayer of sorts, with notes

Let this solstice resonate inside of you. See what will pass away, what dry piles of brush will be cleared, and in a few weeks, what green will poke up through the black earth after you’ve accepted some death in your life. Let this short, dark day, and those few that surround it be a … More Reflecting on winter solstice, a prayer of sorts, with notes

An account of Volcan Tajumulco, Guatemala Above is a link to a story written by a friend I met in Guatemala about our trip to the top of the highest point in Central America. I play a minor part, but it is entirely accurate; freezing rain, ill-prepared, corrugated metal strewn “campground.” Enjoy! PS I am working on a few pieces … More An account of Volcan Tajumulco, Guatemala

Stories again

Have I been telling stories again my love? Forgive me, and really do please, no story I could tell is as great as those which lie quietly and loudly but presently manifesting within me, this world, what we are, and so many world’s of perfection that emerge and pass with no notice or need of … More Stories again