Thank you’s and t-day in SD

I have internet at home again! and four computers sitting on my desk! Thank you all for your good thoughts and good hearts, and for enriching my life with your friendship. All of your good hearts helped me manifest the things I needed to move forward quickly. The dreams I’m dreaming need time and nurturing to germinate; removing some of those initial obstacles helped me see that I have a supportive community around me.  I am so appreciative. Thank you! Have beautiful weeks and days of thanks, I am off for SD for an opportunity to be with family, take some cover photographs for the first edition of the new Edible San Diego, get some work done, and meet the new addition to the Selchau family, little Ellinor Sofia. I am so excited to meet this little joy! Look at her little yellow boots! There is this XKCD comic which shows a graph of negative correlation between proximity to a cat and intelligence, it is illustrated with a guy who get closer to a cat until he throws up his arms and says “You’re a kitty!” I think that may be close to my reactions with this little one…


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