lost rainy night

Sun been down for days, the grey rises and falls, cracks open to blue, and descends to make late dawns and early dusks

I went to the city to learn to sing and I was early enough to try and get lost, I thought with some excitement!

In my red plaid coat driving my black car covered in piles of pine needles and a fine dust caked from the rain

I’m almost down to the water under the christmas tree bridge, all lit with lolling strands of merry yellowish-white orbs

Yellow trash cans were rolling in the streets, made me smile, little bits of unordinary chaos

Tonight Jenny was at dinner, so instead of getting to play with the baby, and be in the warm home of the kind of family that is quietly in love with each other, I am anonymously, joyously/heartachingly alone roaming lost in this big beautiful black landscape through yellow pools of light spilling from the streetlight mason jars onto the black wet streets

Everything is orbs and squares of yellow light or black, black velvet sucking up light like the water, or black shiny like the glass and the streets

The first rain feels like a holiday to me, especially when it comes with such abundance.

In a day dream we’re holding hands and walking anywhere anonymous together

Little secrets about nothing, moments of wide open, things you can forget, but maybe what it felt like you can’t, and then again maybe you do

A homeless man is wrapped in so many layers, the last of which is a green blanket around his head and shoulders. He looks like a caterpillar, and I hope he’s warm.


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