What I love about singing class

It’s all metaphor for life… the three ways of onset for singing a note, 1. starting slowly searching it, 2. hearing it in your head and just opening your mouth and hitting it, or 3. breathing out first in an exhale of “ha” that reduces your air and produces a muscular tension in your chest. Number two is what we’re learning to do, and what as you become master of creation in your own life you develop the ability to do as well. Vision it, and do it. No that there isn’t still exploration, but open clear purposeful exploration as you have a vision driving it. He talks to us about expressing through emotion, feeling it in your body to be a good communicator, not just singing the words. He says truly listening as though penetrating the veneer of hearing to emerge in again a whole body listening. We all laugh at mistakes now, forgetting our fear. He talks about finding the tightness in your body and breathing into it, finding the place in your body that you can sing from bringing your own emotion so you don’t need to be mimicing the emotion of someone else’s song. I think about how I will show up, even if I don’t feel like it, putting myself aside, accepting myself for whoever I am at that moment. It’s all being reminded of what I know, but then using that awareness in an act that cannot be faked. It is a decidedly unintellectual way of relating to the knowledge. You begin to have a physically experiential knowledge of being in the world presently and very honestly. Singing a bad note, continually singing into the place where you feel tightness, rocking back and forth, doing what you need to do to massage out the tightness. I feels so good, like a whole body brain heart massage.

Also my friend Jenny who is so wonderful and beautiful and amazing took me to see her beautiful incredible joyful bundle of baby life of a nephew who I played with and held and fed and let pull my hair and stare at me. He crept into my heart and whispered about life always renewing, regenerating, loving, and etc on and on. I sat silently looking at the dinner we shared with her older sister (baby momma) and her mother (baby granmomma), and felt so grateful I could barely eat.


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