In case any one wants to know about internet in Berkeley, I have no idea

My house serves free coffee and tea, does not take cash or credit card, or check. But the internet is completely unreliable.

Nomad cafe, takes credit cards, and they have internet, but they do not provide outlets. There is no electrical power for your computer there, but they’re “working on it.”

Jumpin’ Java has Internet and electrical outlets, but they only take cash. There are no atms within several blocks.

Cafe Valparaiso, they have internet, electrical outlets, and they take credit cards, but they don’t open ’til five pm, and they’re closed Monday and Tuesday. They’re also closed whenever they damn well please.

Cole coffee, doesn’t accept credit, and doesn’t even have internet, though they do have electrical outlets, in case you would like to work on a word document or perhaps bring in your word processor.

I am at A’ Cuppa tea. I poured my tea from Cole coffee into one of their cups to appease the owner, and bought a pommier (sp?) to justify my presence, which I then gave to someone else, because I don’t take wheat.


One thought on “In case any one wants to know about internet in Berkeley, I have no idea

  1. i absolutely love and enjoy this post

    the good news is that I also happen to know a place in Berkeley that has internet, is open seven days a week, has outlets (in fact, purposely designed the space with extra outlets for this very purpose), takes credit cards, and offers an organic cup of joe along with all sorts of other organic goodies

    the bad news is that it’s not actually open yet… but soon, I promise

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