morning poems

Wake up wake up wake up my mother used to say in the morning,
But now this means something different
Whatever is normal for you
Break it open
With ravenous glee
Like a child
And listen with ecstasy to the sound of shattering glass spreading

Suddenly I thought of you
And we were leaves on the same plant, you, me,
and everything else
All leaves on the same plant
A shiver is sent from my chest around to my spine
A sigh slips, I want to live inside that shiver
When immersed in god I always want to run my body like a horse
I can think of nothing but moving
The feeling of wind, adrenaline, fear, jumping
Losing the sense of differentiation, if only
For one
and then the consequent laughter rippling
Wild wild laughter and joy and sadness
These cocktails of emotion and experience
I just want to keep breaking, over and over and over
Break it!
Rumi says,
“Here’s the new rule: break the wineglass,
and fall toward the glassblower’s breath.”

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