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Breathe deep. Please share a breath with me. I’m broken open, the gift you gave to me, it’s growing. I’m becoming something else. It feels like dying, a beautiful ending-beginning-crying-laughing-loving-heart-breaking-color-burst-screaming-raging-shaking-blind-seeing-nothing-everything-quietness. It sounds like water lapping against the side of a boat on a calm night with no wind when the moon is out. It feels going to sleep at night after a beautiful wedding ceremony of your best friends. It feels like weeping openly. My body is so tired…I feel too awake to talk. Too many words, I have to go outside and be with the moon. The sky opened up tonight and I got so lost in it, angel wings of pink, the near full moon in the blue, black silhouetted expanse of city and hillsides stretching north, orange and grey stripes so high the sky feels far away. I wanted to fly up into it and be absorbed in the color and the openness. It just kept getting better and better and I felt like a small child, my faces of wonder were not enough, I can’t express it.

"Silk must not be compared with striped canvas.
Be quiet and clear now
like the final touchpoints on calligraphy.
Your name has been erased
from the roaring volume of speech." Jelaluddin Rumi

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