Prop 8 upheld, for now

“The arc of history is long but it leans towards justice” Martin Luther King Jr. In spite of the setbacks of today, the steps forward in the past weeks and years must not be ignored or belittled. Though we won’t be satisfied or able to fully rejoice until all humans are treated equally-not only under the law but in everyday life-I see that in the public debate, in the new laws passed by legislatures, in the upholding of the vows of so many men and women today, and in the shifts occurring in the opinion polls, there is irrefutable evidence that the call to equality has a claim on the American psyche, an irresistible logic that will one day seep through to the most hardened of hearts. I know this to be true.
It is no small thing that the men and women who have had the courage to put their relationships on the line for equal rights have been honored, or at least protected in the ruling as well. Fissures in the edifice….


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