Creation in destruction

Close your eyes and envision night in the sea

Away from our eyes, at rest from our world, water swells and laps
Bleached white from time, edges worn soft
Driftwood’s travels’ are lost paths round the world through moons and winters and springs
Under unknown sunsets, sunrises and timeless quiet
From the thick silence of soft cedar cool earth tall forests
Felled and rolled, dried and broke, through rivers winding paths
To the opening of the sky above and beneath in blue and grey where they are married
Strong winter storm torrents and deep rivers through the sea, these ancient paths carry it
On distant shores or man’s jetties that long dead tree will crash
Into course meal
On the rocks.
But the tree carries some rock away with it, too
The mountains rise jutting only to be leveled by tireless rains
Solid ground pitches, cleaves, crumbles reduced to dust backlit by the sun on a windy day
Firm resolution crushed always
Vast ocean one thousand times over evaporated
Taken away to be given back in infinite glorious forms
The forest becomes the ocean
The ocean becomes the sky

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