On Integrity

I think it is to be expected that if we pursue our growth and maturation process with intention and self-awareness that we will gradually cease looking to manipulate situations to get what we want and instead seek how to act truthfully and in the interest of what is right. Yet I’ve noticed a discomfort around … More On Integrity

Meat Raffle!

One evening after watching the Found magazine’s footage festival we went to a Minnesota bar down the street. While looking very much like many other dive bars I’ve been too, this one was special. With a “band” that was indeterminately either a karaoke, cover, or “real” band, gambling, an enormous inflated pumpkin, and a girls … More Meat Raffle!

Where we’ve been

Last week I saw the sun rise and set while on the road almost every day; red and pink clouds striping the sky and crystal blue lakes with fog sitting above them. I’ve always loved road trips and while some people commiserated with me over the hours spent on the road I secretly enjoyed most … More Where we’ve been