Preemptive Strikes, a Dangerous Precedent

This is the other short article I wrote in response to a question about re-framing preemptive strikes. We were recently asked how to respond to conservative arguments that military force should be used to invade foreign countries to prevent such countries from attacking the United States. The argument goes something like this: “If you knew … More Preemptive Strikes, a Dangerous Precedent

Imposing Liberal Values or Upholding American Values?

I used to work at a progressive think-tank called the Rockridge Institute. While I was there I was blessed to work with the most brilliant, inspiring and compassionate group of people I have ever worked with. While much of my work was structural to the Institute, I was encouraged to write and in the short … More Imposing Liberal Values or Upholding American Values?

the day Rudy died

There are children, people taking wedding photos, having beautiful days in this beautiful fall weather. There is mist rising off of St. Anthony falls and I am looking across the wide Mississippi river, afternoon sun reflecting on it. Sooner or later I may need to come down from this shock feeling plane of sadness and … More the day Rudy died


Flying over Salt Lake city, there is what looks to be vast chemical spills, whitish caked earth in patterns that flow like water looking for low ground. Dried salt, it isn’t beautiful like mountains or sunsets, or radiant smiles, but somehow in it’s strange natural mystery, on a scale difficult to comprehend from the height … More Flying